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    Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission


    Project Scope:
    Manhole inspections in easements off roadway

    Savin Engineers, P.C. has conducted almost 4,500 PACP Level 2 manhole inspections for WSSC between 2012 and 2020. The majority of these manholes (approximately 90%) were located in the deep easement off the roadways. These field conditions proved to be challenging to the Savin crews for two reasons: first, since the manholes are located in heavily wooded areas, finding the manholes to be inspected was very problematic and time consuming. Secondly, in order to meet all the task requirements, which included a full video inspection of each manhole utilizing a pole camera, the Savin crews needed to carry heavy equipment for long distances to and from every manhole. Savin obtained sub-meter GPS coordinates for all manholes and conducted post-processing to ensure accuracy. Exposed pipe was also identified for further evaluation.