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Improving Quality of Life.


Founded in 1988, Savin Engineers is a multi-disciplined firm providing engineering design (environmental, structural, mechanical, civil, electrical and plumbing). Savin designs plans for wastewater and solid waste management, and provides environmental services, energy analysis and conservation services, facilities management, capital planning, administration, inspection and management services. Consistently ranked among Engineering News Record’s Top 100 Construction Management Firms, Savin Engineers is an industry leader in providing construction and program management services for:

Highways | Bridges | Tunnels | Railways | Mass Transit | Wastewater Treatment Plants | Pumping Stations | CSO Facilities | Libraries | Educational Facilities | Municipal Facilities 

Founded on the belief that engineering should always be viewed as one important component of a project’s overall design solution, Savin Engineers is recognized as an environmentally responsible and responsive leader. Dedicated to providing consulting services to a diverse client base, the company continues to expand its services to meet our clients’ unique and changing needs. These include:

Construction | Infrastructure | Facilities Assessments | Space Utilization | Long-Range Planning Studies | Capital Project Planning | Cost Estimating | Scheduling | Commissioning | Community Outreach

Our team of multi-disciplined professionals is noted for their responsiveness to client needs. They are well-educated, well-trained, and experienced problem solvers. Together, they make up Savin Engineers, P.C., engineering that is "Improving Quality of Life".


"To be a successful provider of quality, engineered solutions - managed on time and within budget - in the markets we serve, that exceed the expectations of our clients."  


Provide our best to every client.

We apply the same principles of care, planning, and creativity no matter how large or small your project. We ensure that appropriate resources are assigned; provide the personnel, processes, and commitment to fix what's wrong today and prevent things from going wrong tomorrow. Every project, regardless of size, receives the personal attention of a member of our management team.

Establish long-term relationships.

Who you work with is probably the most important decision you will make. At Savin Engineers, our clients are our most valuable resource. Our commitment to our clients is absolute. Our high percentage of repeat business and our long- standing relationships - some spanning decades - are testament to the value we place upon our customers and our reputation for going "the extra mile" to exceed our clients' objectives.

Respect The environment.

The environments, in which we work and play, learn and grow, are continuously in a state of development and renewal. Accompanying this growth is the responsibility to protect the delicate ecosystems, which are often sacrificed to progress. At Savin Engineers, we accept this challenge. We believe engineering should be used to improve the quality of life while preserving the very systems that support it.

We will continue to provide superior engineering and consulting services in an environmentally responsive manner while helping our clients achieve success through sustainable, high performance, efficient design.